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I work closely with my clients and customers to find out what it is they require, without charging exorbitant fees for consultations or call outs. For business clients I like to understand your sector and how your business runs. I then do research to make certain your website, advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO) or photography is tailored for you and will compete with your leading competitors. If it's a website you need, using the latest HTML5 & css3 software, I design & code a site from the base up. I never use bog standard cheap templates, so you can be assured of a proper job.

Web design

My websites are not only beatiful but they are highly functional, they perform excellently regardless of what it is you view them on. Whether it's a tablet, phone or pc, they are all built with the end users enjoyment in mind and a HTML5 and CS3 fluid layout, enabling ease of access to all content. I don't like fidly sites, where you have to zoom in on your phone to read text and nor will your mobile users, potential customers you risk losing if you stuck with the old technology many developers still offer.

We are now in an age where most of your customers will looking for your website using mobile phones, an old style website with a fixed width layout will just not do. Many old sites are bulky, heavy in graphics and poorly put together producing slow download speeds and will not only turn customers away but reduce your ranking in the search engines. A fluid responsive layout to your website is a must have and thats all I do when it comes to web design. No short cuts here, first class design and top quality development that won't break the bank!

If it's a new website you require, using the latest HTML5 & css3 software, I can design & code a site from the base up. I never use bog standard cheap templates, so you can be assured of an original tailored website design.

Graphic design

A love of the graphic design and art was what interested in this genre of work originally, I've always loved drawing, painting and had an interest in advertising and branding since I was a child (Sad I know). As soon as the very first microsoft paint was introduced on the Nimbus machines in school (Yes I am that old) I was hooked, spending many a lunchtime hooked drawing and designing. When photoshop and the illustrator programs were unveiled I had to have them and ever since I've been using these fantastic programs to help me create eye popping graphics and enticing advertisements for businesses large and small.

All of this geekiness has got me where I am today and I'm loving producing banners, adverts, logos, promotional videos, website templates and anything that I can get my teeth into. I love my work and enjoy bringing my enthusiasm for design to good use, if I can help your business to make a profit and earn a wage doing something I love then everyone wins.

If it's a professional eye catching advertisement, a complete rebranding or a logo redesign, contact me first. I will come up with a few ideas for you to choose from and we can go from there. You won't get a better price or a more personal service, that's a promise.


This is a passion for me, I've always had an interest in photography and just love the way pictures really do say a thousand words. The right pictures in your advertisement or website realy will grab the attention of customers and create the right image for your company. Remember online advertising is different to face to face sales, your digital image is a representation of you and your company. You have to ask yourself do you want to look cheap or do you want your business to shine through the images you display.

I studied photography and just love to get the right picture for the job. I'll visit your premises or place of work and take as many pictures as we need. I then collate my pictures, any other images you have an want to use do all of the editing to create the look you want and need.

Would you like a professional photographer to come down and photograph your business, the work you do and or your products in a proffesional way. Just let us know, email us with your address, roughly what it will be we'll be taking pictures of and we can arrange a date to have a photoshoot.

Now offering a 2nd photographer wedding service, a free service whereby you only pay for the pictures you like and my travel expenses.

SEO - web optimisation

This is the art of promoting a website to be as high in the search listings as possible. I can adjust a exsisiting websites to help with search engine optimisation, or SEO as we call it, but you are far better off building a new site from scratch as it's often much quicker and cheaper to do. Unlike other web design SEO companies that promise to get you to number one, I won't mislead you like that. The way the search engines operate now and the criteria they look for has changed. It's no longer something that can be met through just simple site building or tweeks, beware of anyone that tells you so.

The search engines look at things like content, text, pictures, tags that are attached to them, page oading times & how long a user stays on the site, in order to gage how relevent your website is to the search therms that are entered.

They also look at things such as regular updates and social media practices to asess just how important and popular your website/brand is. This is something that can only be acheived over time, but if you have the time and you want a professional to work at getting you there, I can help. We can aim for as close to the top as your budget allows, with the SEO knowledge that I've gained from my experience and regular google seminars it will rank as high as possible in all of the major search engines. That I can promise you, contact me to find out more.

The Process

This is the process any work I undertake goes through, every step taken is vital for a successful job and as I only ever want to hand over success, this is exactly what I'll do for you.


When ever I have a new project, the first thing I do is investigate your direct competition and what works for them, I then analyse your business to see what we can do better.


The key to any sucess is down to careful preperation, after analysis I put together a plan that will work for your budget/deadlines and we are ready to start work.


Once we know where we are going and what's needed I start on the project, I work hard and dont stop until the finsihed article is exactly what you need.


Now I thoroughly test everything to make certain every part of the job specifiction has ben fulfilled and the project works exactly how it was intended to.


I then send the results of all of my hard work to you to go through, just to make certain it's exactly right. Any changes can be made here to ensure 100% satisfaction.


The project is complete and agreed by you, so we go live with it. I take contol and get it sent or published to where it neds to be and you start to see the benefits.

My Portfolio

What I've done so far

I've been working since 2004 at one of the UK's leading website design company's, providing web design, graphic design and software development services to some real major online companies. Tired of the commute it's time to say goodbye to London and go it alone, I've started freelancing in early 2015, creating websites and graphics for my own clients. Unfortunately due to contractual agreements I can't disclose all of the work I've done with my previous employers, but I can show you what I've done since. If that's not enough to entice you, hopefully this will... All work, until I've built a full portfolio of my own, will be priced at less than a quarter of what it would normally demand.

Portfolio Building = Low prices

Put frankly my prices are unbeatable right now, I'll be building a completely flexible responsive website for just £500, including logo design and publication. That's a completely original responsive website template, designed to reduce in size but still be readable for mobile phones or tablet users, then grow to fit any desktop browser for just £500! Photography sessions at just £20 an hour plus travel expenses, this includes water marking, resizing, editing of all pictures and a proof disc sent to you. All graphic design work is £15 an hour no matter what it is and software/application development is from just £20 an hour.

Pay peanuts, get... skills and experience?

No monkey talk here, help me build my portfolio and I'll help your business get the service it needs. This truly is the perfect time to catch me and use my skills, skills that will develop your business website, branding or advertising and help you thrive in a difficult market place.

Want to add to my portfolio?

Get in touch now, take advantage of my situation I'm willing to work night and day to get my portfolio finished and I only want the best advertised on my website. This is your opportunity to get the very best out of me, my designing/programming skills and my experience for next to nothing. Don't miss out, I won't be offering these prices again once I've got a complete portfolio.

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About me

So who is this man?

To put it simply I'm an artist and a computer geek at heart, one that's been lucky enough to earn a living whilst doing things that I love. I have been a web designer, web developer and graphic designer since 2004 and in 2006 I started working for a very respected website consultancy in London. During that time I've worked on many websites for some major financial firms and for some small busineses as well.

Working just as well within a team or on my own, designing and developing both internet and intranet websites. I have studied SEO (search engine optimisation) since 2007 and have attended regular google seminars to keep up to date with the latest algorythms used to establish website ranking. I have studied photography for many years now and have been lucky enough to be involved in photoshoots in some amazing locations. In a nut shell, I am more than qualified to take care of all of your online website development, design, programming and advertising duties.

I meet deadlines

When we decide on a time frame for a project, I'll always do everything I can to make sure the job is ready to go on or before that date. I only want happy clients.

Websites fast

Can't wait for a new website to be built? In some cases I can code, design and have your website up and running within 7 days. For web presence when it's needed.

Experience counts

The experience I have is vital, it's key to me knowing what I'm doing and knowing what will work for you. I do what I promise to do from the start, I will bring success.


Thoughout the project and once it's completed I'm on hand to answer questions or to lend a hand with anything that you don't understand. I'm only an email or phone call away.

My Key Skills

So what will I give your business, what can I offer you? To make it easier to understand at a glance, I've done a few charts below to show you in a percentage, just how much effort and experience I'll be bringing for each of the 4 specific subject areas that I specialise in.




Graphic Design


Application development





The internet has gone mobile and since that happened, more and more people have been accessing websites using their phones or tablets. Obviously this means that they'll be using a much smaller screen to view your website content and that means your website has to now be responsive and shrink or grow to fit the screen it's being viewed on... hence the name responsive website.


Is your site coding still stuck in the 90's?


If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

Napoleon Hill

"When I do good, I feel good, when I do bad, I feel bad. Thats my religion".

Abraham Lincoln

"Life itself is your teacher and you are in a state of constant learning"

Bruce Lee

"To improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often"

Winston Churchill

"The future belongs to those that prepare for it now"

Malcom X
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Where Can You Find Me?

I am a creature of habit, often found in or around Basildon, or areas surrounding Essex, sometimes in the city of London with my posh clients. Easy to spot, I'm the geeky looking one, with a camera around my neck, a notepad in my hand and a laptop on my shoulder. A much more preferable route to get hold of me however, would be via the email form below or via my mobile phone.


Please feel free to contact me via these methods, it's much easier!

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